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We pride ourselves in being one of the few in industry to offer a sleep solution keeping the customers need in focus. Sleep Oak is an honest attempt to give you an Sleep Solution. 

How do I decide on which mattress to buy?

Each body type is different and the mattress required is also different. Please go to our BMI based calculated approach to get the right mattress selection.

What are various firmness levels offered by Sleepoak.

We offer four different types of firmness levels- Soft, Medium soft, medium firm and Firm. Based on your requirement as well past usage any mattress from the above can be selected.

What is the maximum load capacity of sleep oak mattress?

Sleepoak can support 200 kgs on single side and collectively can handle an load of 400 kgs.

Which mattress is good for back pain?

We have an unique BMI based approach for selection of mattress. Ideally for an BMI 18.5 and higher should take an firm mattress.

Is sleep oak mattress available in open market?

Sleepoak is an exclusive online product and was born out of our rich experience in retails space. We exist in retail space by the name of Dreamwell mattress.

Can I order a custom size mattress?

Yes, you can order an custom size mattress. Please get in touch using chat boot or email for us to guide your further.

How to take measurement of my Cot

Step 1: Start by measuring the breadth

To measure your bed, first, remove all the bedding and accessories. You will need a retractable measuring tape, a notebook, and a pen.
Begin by placing one end of the tape on the left corner of the bed and locking it. Now pull the tape until you are at the right corner. Note down the measurement. This is the width of your bed.

Step 2: Measure the length

For the length, start by placing the tape at the middle top of your bed, and locking it. Now extend the tape until you are at the bottom of the bed. This is the length of your bed.
Ensure that the measurements are of the bed cavity and not end-to-end so that your mattress will fit snugly on your bed.
With the length and the width measurements, you now know how to measure bed size and can easily choose the right bed for your space.

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