In the event that you have a right to withdraw from a contract of sale with us (and thus return your Standard Product(s)) in accordance with Sections 2.15 “Voluntary Return Guarantee” on the terms and conditions page, the following conditions apply.

Who this warranty extends to

  • This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser.
  • Warranty is applicable only for the period of ownership by the original purchaser.
  • Please retain a copy of the original receipt as a proof of this purchase.
  • The warranty is not transferable.

What this limited warranty covers

  • This limited warranty applies to the following defects:


    • Visible indentation greater than 1 inch.
    • Physical flaws that cause the foam to split, crumble or crack

Process for claiming warranty

Initiating a warranty claim is pretty simple and straight forward. You can contact us on  with a clear description of the problem, associated pictures and copy of the original invoice.

Sleep oak Mattresses are covered under warranty as follows –

Once the claim has been verified, the company will, at its own discretion either repair or if a repair is not possible, give a credit against the purchase of a new mattress.

In either of the cases, Sleep oak will bear the cost of transportation as long as the customer is in a city where Sleep oak has its presence. If you have moved cities and/or currently reside in a city where Sleep oak is not present, we will still honour the warranty claim, but you will need to bear the cost of transporting the mattress to us and Sleep oak will bear the cost of transporting back, if there is a need.

If repair of the mattress is not possible, Sleep oak will give a credit voucher against the purchase of a new mattress. The value of the credit voucher would be based on the original purchase price of the mattress (excluding any transportation cost) and based on the warranty period and the time elapsed since the purchase. A straight line depreciation model is followed.

Soft Mattress.
Firm Mattress

Medium Soft Mattress

Medium firm Mattress.

For example, Let’s say a Sleep oak mattress was purchased for ₹10,000 and the mattress came with a 5 yr warranty. So, each year there will be a depreciation of 20% starting with 0% in the first year (replacement warranty in the 1st year). If there is a problem in the 14th month, the customer would get a credit voucher of ₹8,000 that can be used against the purchase of a replacement mattress from Sleep oak.

Similarly for a mattress with a 10 yr warranty, each year the depreciation will be 10% of the purchase price starting with 0% in the first year (replacement warranty in the 1st year).

Credit vouchers can be used against the purchase of mattresses of Sleep oak brand and from sleep oak website and they cannot be encashed. Credit vouchers cannot be used to be redeemed against the purchase of accessories.

All days are calendar days and all years are calendar years. Sleep oak has complete discretion over whether to repair or give credit and anything else that is discretionary when it comes to mattress warranty claims.

Having said that, please refer to your warranty booklet (which is the final authority on warranty) for complete details on the warranty. If you have any questions, please drop us a line on or give us a call on +91 888 555 9441.

Please note that special provisions apply for Personalized Products as these have been designed specifically for you. This means that (without this affecting your rights) we cannot accept returns of these under the Voluntary Returns Guarantee unless they have manufacturing defects.

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