How, Why It Started

The idea of sleep oak germinated after spending more than 10 years in the mattress industry. The philosophy of Sleep oak mattress is to guide you to the right mattress by a simple yet scientific process.

Over a period of time based on our experience in retail sphere we have seen customers buying wrong mattress and ending up having sleepless night and sour back. We studied the method of selling mattress in retail sphere or for that mattress even on e-commerce platform was not particularly scientific. After grappling with this problem and interacting with various users we have designed our own approach to this problem.

We sell mattress based on your body type. Each body is unique and so is the mattress that is required by them. Each body is unique dimensionally and metrically and hence we linked our approach of selling mattress to body mass index(BMI). Based on this process we have been been able to address the problem of selecting the right mattress for your body type.

Specialisation We Have


Our innovative thought process helps us to be flag bearers of latest in sleep technology.

Customer Centric

Our customer centric approach has helped us to design unique mattress and yet we have not cluttered the choice by giving to many options.

Crisp & Unique

Our crisp and unique approach makes mattress selection easier.

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